The Dibbs’ Story

Past President of Hematology Oncology Associates, Dr. Charles Dibb and his wife Sandra understand the impact of supporting projects that improve the lives and health of local patients and families.

Generosity Dedicates

As a Cancer Center Champion, Dr. Dibb has been engaged in the AsanteForward campaign for the Asante regional cancer center, which will meet an urgent community need he knows all too well.

Charitable giving has been a lifelong endeavor for the Dibbs. Education, research and health are passions of theirs. The couple has instilled a philanthropic spirit in their sons; they enjoy seeing the impact their family

makes in their home communities. In gratitude for their leadership gift and in recognition for Dr. Dibb’s devotion to ethics in cancer research, a space in the regional cancer center will be named for the family.

“In my career, I talked to patients and families every day who are just overwhelmed and terrified with the illness of themselves or their loved ones. To have a centralized cancer center will be just so much easier for them.”

— Charles Dibb

“There is incredible power in doing good. The golden rule should be more than a rule – it should be a purpose.”

—Gene Pelham, Rogue Credit Union