Darlene’s Story

A lifelong educator with a passion for caring for children, Darlene began methodically investing at an early age.

Generosity Compounds

She put herself through a rigorous education, achieving a master’s degree and a distinguished career.

Though she had always given to help people in need, she didn’t consider herself to be a “philanthropist.” Then, one day, she heard a nurse explain how donations to the Asante Cancer Compassion Fund provided life-changing comfort for patients in need. A cancer survivor herself, Darlene decided to make a gift every month; she’s done so since 2015.

Inspired by her life’s work in the classroom and her personal experiences as a patient, Darlene also supports children’s health and the expansion of the Emergency Department at Asante Three Rivers Medical Center.

“Everybody can make a difference. What a blessing it is to help other people!”

— Darlene Loewen

“There is incredible power in doing good. The golden rule should be more than a rule – it should be a purpose.”

—Gene Pelham, Rogue Credit Union