Asante Forward Campaign | ATRMC Emergency Department Expansion

The Family House expansion

The challenge:

Traveling patients face substantial challenges accessing medical care including the financial burden of lodging and transportation, along with the physical strain of long-distance travel. Medical care can be expensive and difficult to navigate placing considerable stress on those with limited support and resources. Due to limited capacity patients in need of this facility are frequently turned away.

The solution:

Doubling the size of The Family House from seven to 14 rooms will ensure less patients are turned away, giving more patients access to health care they desperately need. This expansion not only addresses the immediate need for medical care but also alleviates the financial burden of lodging and transportation for patients by providing more accessible and affordable options. Additionally, it enhances the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the facility, ensuring that those with limited support and resources can receive the medical care they require without undue stress and hardship.

Behavioral Health Center
Asante Cardiac Care

How you can help:

The Family House was originally built and funded through the philanthropy of community members. The budget for the expansion is $2.5 million. Charitable gifts of any size will help towards achieving the expansion. Please join us in our mission in supporting our out-of-town patients to ensure they have the necessary resources to have access to health care.

To make a gift or to learn more about this meaningful opportunity please contact:
Fernando Ramirez-Barrett
(541) 789-2534 or email at

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