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The challenge:

Patients receiving medical treatment need a comfortable and affordable place to stay. Treatments are often expensive, and traditional lodging options such as hotels add up quickly. Especially for patients who stay for several days or weeks.

Asante Family House

The solution:

The Family House and The Francis Cheney Family Place are guest residences for out-of-town patients and family members receiving care at Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center and Asante Three Rivers Medical Center. Extending a culture of caring outside the walls of the hospital, The Family House and The Francis Cheney Family Place provides an affordable, accessible, supportive, home-like setting where healing can take place. People from across Asante’s service areas who are receiving medical treatment can have a comfortable, temporary home at a minimal cost of $50.00 per night, or whatever the guests can afford.

How you can help:

Make a donation in support of The Family House or The Francis Cheney Family Place.

For more information:
Contact Fernando Ramirez-Barrett 
(541) 789-2534 or send an email

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A Hospitality Houses Story

It’s Thursday and as usual Jim is welcoming guests to the Family House, but it wasn’t too long ago he was a guest himself. After being a long-time Grants Pass resident, Jim and his wife, Donna…

Asante Family House Story

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