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Critical care

The challenge:

Due to demand for critical care beds, Asante must divert patients to other hospitals in-state, causing distress for both patients and their family members. Back-ups also cause delays in the Emergency Department (ED) because patients who need to be admitted must stay in the ED until a bed becomes available. In addition to capacity issues, existing critical care rooms are small, making it difficult for care providers and equipment to move freely around a patient.

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The solution:

The new, six-story patient pavilion on the Asante Rogue Regional campus will be home to 64 critical care beds on the third and fourth floors of the facility—a 45% increase in capacity. All of the rooms will be standardized to take care of the most critically ill patients, with new technology and increased square footage. All rooms are designed to have either positive or negative pressure to keep harmful germs away from immunocompromised patients and stay in the room of an infected patient.

The new critical care areas include:

  • 64 rooms (24 CVICU, 16 IMCU and 24 ICU), compared to 44 beds currently
  • Each room is 350 square feet, allowing for adequate room for the patient, equipment and care providers
  • “Neighborhoods of care” allow nurses to have direct line of sight on patients without leaving room doors open, providing patients privacy when they need it
  • A calming atmosphere to help comfort patients while they’re fighting for their lives
  • Increased space for families to visit, and for doctors to have private consultations about their loved one’s health
  • Four designated isolation rooms in each department, with the capability for every room to be converted, if needed (i.e. COVID-19 infections or other infectious diseases)

How you can help:

For more information about the critical care unit, to give, or to get involved:
Contact Jeff Cool
(541) 789-4279 or send an email

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