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Critical Care

The challenge:

During life-threatening medical situations, it’s vital to have the most technologically advanced equipment, sophisticated treatment options and dedicated staff to help ensure the best possible medical outcomes.

Asante Critical Care IV bag

The solution:

To best serve the community, our current critical care facility will undergo upgrades to provide the latest treatments for our most acute patients. Critical care outcomes are enhanced by the quality of both the physicians and facilities as key treatment is delivered. Our dedicated medical staff, along with the latest technological advances, have Asante well poised to provide the best possible care for our community. The AsanteForward campaign includes the following critical care advances:

  • Doubled capacity, by increasing rooms from 31 to 64 
  • Patient and family-focused state-of-the-art facility
  • Leading-edge, critical care technology

How you can help:

For more information about the critical care unit, to give, or to get involved:
Contact Andrea Reeder
(541) 789-2590 or send an email

Asante Critical Care hospital