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Asante Foundation Champions serve as advocates in our community to support health care initiatives specific to the hospitals’ areas of service.

They’re made up of community members, professionals and others, united to support fundraising efforts, project initiatives and specific service lines including cancer, behavioral health, the Children’s Miracle Network and the Spears Cancer Center.

Asante Champions are our advocates in the community, raising awareness for these areas of need.

Although these groups support fundraising, they do not ask for money. Instead, participants become experts about the vision and opportunities particular to each group.

Champions Groups build awareness in the community — connecting, identifying and bringing individuals and organizations together.

Cancer Champions

Cancer knows no bounds. Many of us have a loved one, friend or acquaintance who has experienced cancer. For those facing this frightening diagnosis, there is hope. Please join us as we prepare to transform the state of cancer care in our region by building the Asante Regional Cancer Center.

Contact Christian Gold Stagg
(541) 789-5904 or send an email

Behavioral Health Champions

Mental illness statistically affects a significant portion of the community, but by educating the public and creating awareness, the stigma of mental illness has been replaced with advocacy and action. This is our moment to address mental illness needs like never before. Mental health services are a critical part of the Asante mission and among the most powerful, life-impacting services offered. The foundation has been laid for one of the most transformational projects in our region: building a new and expanded Behavioral Health Unit at Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center.

Contact Andrea Reeder
(541) 789-2590 or send an email

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asante champions children's miracle network

Children’s Miracle Network Champions

There are few things more important than the health of a child. Champions for the Children’s Miracle Network have a profound impact on children and families in our region by acting as fundraising partners and advocates with this esteemed national organization, which benefits hospitals caring for sick and injured children. Champions have the opportunity to invest their efforts to benefit hospitalized children and their families right here at home.

Contact Fernando Barrett
(541) 789-2534 or send an email

Spears Cancer Center Champions

Cancer services takes treatment beyond medicine. These advocates support the Cancer Compassion Fund and improvements for those receiving treatment at Spears Cancer Center.

Contact Debbie Daggett
(541) 472-7301 or send an email

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How Does It Work?

Champions Groups typically meet once every month or two for about 90 minutes for education, skill building and strategy development.

Educational presentations are delivered by providers, leaders, grateful patients and families. Strategy and skill-building conversations cover the steps in the community engagement process, including progress toward objectives, identification of funding opportunities and methods of introduction.

Staffed by a member of the Foundation development team, Champions Groups move to volunteer leadership, naming a chair and vice chair who lead the meetings.

If you’re interested in contributing your time and talent in a meaningful way, and to make a difference in your community, please join us.

Contact Andrea Reeder
(541) 789-2590 or send an email

“The results of philanthropy are always beyond calculation." 

—Miriam Beard