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Age-Friendly Care at Asante Ashland Community Hospital

The challenge:

Almost 25% of residents in Southern Oregon are retired and over 65. As our older population grows, there will be a significant increase in the demand for health care services.

The solution:

Asante is committed to meeting the unique needs of older adults in Southern Oregon by creating an Age-Friendly Health System at Asante Ashland Community Hospital. Age-Friendly care is an evidence-based care model that prioritizes What Matters Most to patients and aligns care decisions with an individual patient’s priorities and goals. It also focuses on increased mobility, improved mentation and a comprehensive review of medications, ensuring that medications known to have adverse effects for older patients are avoided whenever possible.

Behavioral Health Center
Behavioral Health Center

Where we are now:

After rigorous work to education and train staff and operationalize Age-Friendly care, Asante Ashland received the official designation of an Age-Friendly Health System from the Institute for Health Care Improvement—one of only roughly 100 hospitals or health systems to receive this prestigious achievement.

To optimize Age-Friendly care, Asante is creating and improving physical spaces at Asante Ashland that will support increased mobility, socialization and mental well-being. Construction is complete on a new activity room that will enable patients and their families to share meals, play board games, work on puzzles and watch movies. The activity room also features a reading nook and library and large picture windows overlooking the beautiful outdoor courtyard.

What’s next:

Future improvements will include remodeling nurses stations and patient rooms with an Age-Friendly design and creating a specialized rehab gym to best support older patients in building the strength and skills to return home safely and successfully. Philanthropy alone makes these projects possible.

Behavioral Health Center
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How you can help:

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