Children’s Miracle Network

The challenge:

Whether their children suffer from common childhood afflictions like asthma and broken bones, or are fighting bigger challenges like birth defects or cancer, thousands of families visit Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center every year for treatment. It’s the only primary care center for children in Northern California and Southern Oregon that has a dedicated pediatric department, NICU, pediatric oncology department and a Maternal Fetal Clinic — a regional destination for compassionate care. Asante treats 22,500 kids every year. 

Asante Children's Miracle Network

The solution:

Asante Children’s Miracle Network has a singular goal: to raise funds and awareness for children’s health care. Since 1988, Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center has served as the Children’s Miracle Network hospital for Southern Oregon and Northern California. As one of only 170 Children’s Miracle Network hospitals in the United States, Asante Rogue Regional makes a difference in the lives of children with profound medical needs.

Every dollar that’s donated to Asante Children’s Miracle Network benefits pediatric patients and their families right here in Southern Oregon. From the two-pound infant fighting to gain weight, breathe and maintain body temperature, to the teenager battling cancer — this initiative supports our children.

How you can help:

Our volunteers and donors, both individuals and corporations, are dedicated to supporting, promoting and giving.

For more information, contact:
Fernando Barrett
(541) 789-2534 or send an email

Children's Miracle Network patient

Children’s Miracle Network Story

Elias’ parents knew that something was wrong when the active, curious 3-year-old could not move his neck without pain. An initial doctor visit showed no cause for concern, but after a few days…

Children’s Miracle Network Story