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The challenge:

We cannot stand by and wait for outside forces to drive the changes that are necessary to revitalize the health care workforce. Across the nation, a critical shortage of nursing staff is threatening health systems. Nurses are not alone. Every segment of the American health care workforce has been stretched to the brink. Burnout is rampant and a coming wave of retirements will mean further losses in experienced health care leadership. The extraordinary pressures of recent years have exposed weaknesses in current systems at every level.

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The solution:

Fortunately, innovation is where Asante excels and the vision is bold: with philanthropic support, our community will be established as the nation’s best place to begin, build and grow a career in health care. Asante’s plan for “growing our own” is a strategic 1:1 partnership between Asante and the community to create a secure, reliable “circle of care” that will benefit us all. Growing our own means investing in people at every stage of their career.

Education and professional development are important to all health care workers—from aspiring students to seasoned professionals. Asante is committed to enhancing and growing our simulation lab that supports hands-on training and education for health care professionals within Asante and across the community, as well as supporting nursing scholarships, special certifications (and all the costs associated with them), training and education, and increased residency opportunities for emerging professionals.

How you can help:

Make a donation in support of Asante’s nurses and health care workers to help build and sustain an exceptional health care workforce that is essential to the vitality of our community and region.

For more information about gifts to support Asante nursing and health care workforce:
Contact Jennifer Ryen
(541) 789-5474 or send an email

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