Monty’s Story

When Brookings resident Monty was diagnosed with cancer for the second time, he and his wife wondered how they would manage his care and the cost of traveling.

Grateful for Dependability

Brookings residents Monty and Debbie are proud to call Southern Oregon home. Veteran and avid sportsman, 67-year-old Monty has been forced to grapple with cancer many times during his life. Having seen multiple family members struggle through treatment, his initial diagnosis in 2006 seemed daunting.

When Monty was recently diagnosed with cancer for the second time, he and his wife, Debbie, considered their options carefully. Ultimately, they felt confident Asante would be the best place to receive treatment. They began to travel frequently to the Helen K. Spears Cancer Center at Asante Three Rivers Medical Center in Grants Pass and were overjoyed to learn about The Family House, Asante’s hospitality house that gives patients a low-cost or free lodging option.

Throughout his care with Asante, Monty and Debbie were impressed with the Spears Cancer Center staff’s consistent communication and thoughtfulness when discussing treatment options. Monty took an active role in his care plan and, because of his wonderful care team, felt supported every step of the way.

Because of The Family House, the couple was able to focus solely on Monty’s health and are now passionate advocates for this essential community resource. “It was mandatory that I had somewhere to stay,” Monty reflects, “because it matters where you are when you’re being treated…it’s a tough game, this whole cancer thing”.

When it mattered most to Monty and Debbie, Asante was there to make sure home was close – and healing, even closer.

“We felt at home right here.” 

—Debbie, Monty’s wife

Monty’s Story

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—Gene Pelham, Rogue Credit Union