Miles’ Story

Miles is 11 years old and he is battling Medulloblastoma—brain cancer—with Asante.​

Meet Miles – The 2022 Miracle Kid

His nickname among his community is “Miles the Brave”, and when you watch Miles’ story, you’ll understand why. His perseverance, strength and leadership abilities are nothing less of incredible, not to mention inspiring. As he continues to fight his own battle, he also rallies his community in Scott Valley, Calif., to raise funds for the new Olsrud Family Women’s and Children’s Hospital at Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center. Having traveled a lot of places for Miles’ treatment and clinical trial opportunities, the Isbell family is grateful for the doctors, nurses and donors who make treatment possible for Miles, closer to home.

As an active little boy, excruciating headaches nearly stopped him in his tracks in 2020. Initially diagnosed as migraines, the symptoms, and mom, demanded a closer look. After a visit to the Asante Emergency Department, an MRI revealed a brain tumor, requiring surgery, which confirmed that Miles had cancer. This devastating news was difficult to fathom more so for the family, as Miles’ grandfather is also battling a brain cancer diagnosis.

Like many families, Miles, his parents and brother initially spent hours in the car or plane travelling to Portland and Seattle for his pediatric cancer treatment. This meant that they were separated from older brother, Carter, and missed days of school, activities and even holidays together. That was until they learned of Dr. Absalon and Dr. Plummer at Asante Rogue Regional. They make it possible for Miles to receive his treatments just couple of hours from home, where he can spend each night with his family.

When you hear Miles’ story, you will witness his brave, humorous spirit, the battle he continues to face and why your support through Oregon Wine Experience will help more families like the Isbells.

Miles’ Story

“There is incredible power in doing good. The golden rule should be more than a rule – it should be a purpose.”

—Gene Pelham, Rogue Credit Union