Britney’s Story

Early in Britney’s pregnancy, ultrasound scans revealed she was carrying not one but two babies – a shocking discovery for the first-time mother with no family history of twins.

Grateful for Expert Care

Early in Britney’s pregnancy, ultrasound scans revealed she was carrying not one but two babies – a shocking discovery for the first-time mother with no family history of twins. The next few weeks of her now high-risk pregnancy were packed with ultrasound appointments, and Britney was in almost constant pain. At 22 weeks pregnant, the contractions began and, after multiple visits to her doctor, Britney was finally admitted to Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center.

It soon became apparent that Britney would need to undergo a high-risk procedure in an attempt to delay labor. With a 30% survival rate for the twins if they needed to be delivered prematurely, the anxious mother agreed to the daunting surgery and hoped she had made the right choice. The procedure was initially successful but 30 hours later, her water broke, and delivery was inevitable.

The next few hours were extremely chaotic but, as Britney reflects, also “very organized”. Both babies needed resuscitation and the highly skilled nurses in Asante’s Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) jumped right into action. Due to her fragile condition, Britney was unable to see her baby girls until hours after the delivery. When she finally laid eyes on Harmony and Karalynn, her spirit faltered as she marveled at how small they both were. In that moment, she knew they needed her to stay strong and she resolved to face the unthinkable with courage.

Over the next few weeks, Harmony and Karalynn’s family experienced joyful highs and turbulent lows – the tiny babies were fighting every moment of the day for life, and Britney struggled with anxiety anytime she was away from them. Early in their month-long stay, Harmony’s health was declining and, needing something even stronger than medical intervention, nurses called on mom for help. Britney’s touch instantly made a difference and Harmony began showing signs of improvement – this was a powerful moment that showed Britney just how important her presence was for their health.

Britney continued to visit Harmony and Karalynn as much as possible, talking to them constantly. Born on May 12 and weighing just over a pound each, the twins were not supposed to arrive until early September, but against all odds, they survived because of Asante. Britney is forever grateful for the incredible care and compassion she and her babies received while in Asante’s NICU. With the help of nurses, physicians and support staff, Britney felt much more at ease – and now that both babies are home and healthy, she is especially appreciative of the nurses who took the time to teach her how to continue caring for her babies once they left the hospital.

In the new Olsrud Family Women’s and Children’s Hospital NICU at Asante Rogue Regional, moms and babies will be able to stay in the same room together, and families will have access to helpful resources like a quiet room, family lounge and nourishment room. For moms like Britney, these changes mean everything.

“Just being able to see your baby makes all the difference…the mental toll is significant and every little thing matters.” 

Asante will be the first hospital in the state of Oregon to offer this new model of NICU care, where families and babies benefit from private rooms, and it would not be possible without the generosity of those who give. The roots of community support run deep at Asante and continue to make life-changing impacts for babies and families that will last generations.

“It’s scary to trust strangers but I have so much respect and gratitude for those nurses…I am thankful every day for them.” 


“There is incredible power in doing good. The golden rule should be more than a rule – it should be a purpose.”

—Gene Pelham, Rogue Credit Union