Ann’s Story

Ann Brewer gave birth to her twin sons in 1959 at Rogue Valley Memorial Hospital (now Asante).

Generosity Continues

The building was brand new, the result of a communitywide fundraising drive. Years later, Ann and her husband Fitz continued that spirit of community support. 

Together, the Brewers’ giving spanned four decades. Fitz served on the Foundation board and Ann devoted 25 years of service as a hospital volunteer. She loved to lead tours and field trips through the hospital. As philanthropists, the Brewers prioritized support for “things that mean something to us,” and the Dubs Cancer Center is one such area. Ann had breast cancer and received treatment at Asante. 

Though Fitz is no longer at her side, Ann continues their legacy of giving. Most recently, she gave to provide cancer patients with the most knowledgeable caregivers possible – certified oncology nurse specialists. Oncology experienced  nurses are better equipped to recognize problems specific to cancer patients and take action. Ann’s gift piloted a program for Asante RNs to continue their education and earn this prestigious certification.

ann brewer hospital volunteer

“As someone who has benefited from Asante’s care, I am honored to support the System’s health care professionals and patients alike, for the greater good of our community.”


“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

—Warren Buffett