The Heimanns’ Story

Love for their community drove Mary and Dick to make their historic gift naming the Mary and Dick Heimann Cancer Center.

Mary and Dick Heimann | Generosity Drives

“We both come from humble beginnings and had parents who loved us and taught us the spiritual and moral directions of life. Whatever little bit they had, they gave. No philanthropic act is too small.

Mary and I have followed that same path over the years, as have our two daughters and their husbands,” explains Dick.

When Mary and Dick moved to southern Oregon in 1970 as newlyweds, they had no idea what the future would hold. What they found was a remarkable community that took care of one another and strove together to create an exceptional place called home. Mary worked with numerous community organizations and charities, but her primary focus was always their two daughters.  Dick also always prioritized his family, while finding success as Vice President of Lithia Motors. He insists that in both his personal life and at Lithia Motors, “It was never me driving the ship. It was always ‘us’—always a team. When we are part of a good team, we will find success and achieve our goals.”

For decades, the Heimanns have made quiet, strategic philanthropic gifts to causes they believe will create a better future for the whole southern Oregon team. As they learned about the plans for a cancer center at Asante, Mary explains, “we knew this was a crucial moment for us to do something meaningful. We have a collective responsibility to participate in the development of our community.”

Like so many others, they have lost loved ones to cancer and have experienced, through Dick’s own diagnosis and treatment, the immense challenges cancer brings. “As I navigated multiple appointments in a single day, all at different locations, I kept thinking, I’m active, I have resources, my wife is a great caregiver, my mind is still sharp. What about people that don’t have all that? How can we better help people through this difficult journey?” questioned Dick.

Thanks to the generosity of the Heimanns and this community, patients now have one, state-of-the-art building where they can receive the very best cancer care. Dick and Mary believe it’s more than just the building, but it’s also “the incredible, compassionate” people who practice medicine inside of it that make all the difference in allowing families to stay closer to home when home means more than ever.

There has to be a driving force behind projects like this. We wanted to leave a legacy and improve the well-being of  others in our beloved Southern Oregon. It is incumbent on people who can do it to give the most they can. Society has rewarded them and they should give back because it’s fulfilling and an honor to do so.”

—Dick Heimann

“There is incredible power in doing good. The golden rule should be more than a rule – it should be a purpose.”

—Gene Pelham, Rogue Credit Union