Southern Oregon Anesthesia’s Story

Southern Oregon Anesthesia is a physician-only group comprising highly skilled and caring doctors who have deep roots in this community.

Generosity Leads | Southern Oregon Anesthesia

Formed in 1972, Southern Oregon Anesthesia has been one of Asante’s key partners since the beginning; surgeons and patients have placed their trust in this group for half a century. Because of their everyday work, they have a deep understanding of the importance of high-quality local health care. So, in 2020, the group pledged a transformational gift to lead the AsanteForward campaign.

The tight-knit group of physicians are proud of their contribution and believe that every gift, no matter the size, will make a truly lasting impact because, “investing in Asante is really an investment in the health of our community.”

“To us, this is bigger than the individual projects that make up the campaign – AsanteForward is Asante leading the way and making sure this community has excellent health care for years to come… This is home, this is important – this is something that will last.”

—Dr. Brian Hall, President

“There is incredible power in doing good. The golden rule should be more than a rule – it should be a purpose.”

—Gene Pelham, Rogue Credit Union