You may recognize some familiar faces in the recent “Building Hope” local TV ad. This commercial began airing in mid-October.

What makes this piece impactful? Well, a local cancer patient and survivor, Kendall, helped us carefully depict each scene based on her personal experience, and she also starred as the leading actor. The goal of “Building Hope” is to drive awareness of and community support for the new regional cancer center in Medford. The piece uses a construction motif signifying Asante’s active building and illustrating the sense of relief the cancer center will provide for our patients, when they can receive every aspect of their care for this complex illness in one convenient location.

Kendall is a cancer survivor, previously cared for by teams at Asante and Hematology Oncology Associates. Watch her full story below.

Other fun facts
Fily, Kendall’s husband, acts as a foreman while he buckles their daughter Sofia into her car seat before their departure to Kendall’s appointment. In real life, Fily is member of the Asante family, working as a patient care supervisor at Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center.

The forewoman shown next to Kendall in the infusion chair is Megan. A compassionate nurse that works in Asante Infusion Services, Megan spends her days alongside patients during their most difficult times during treatment.

Help build the Asante regional cancer center today.