Cancer is the leading cause of death in Josephine County. More than 800 people in the community will hear the words “you have cancer,” this year. When someone close to your heart is facing the fight of their lives, you want the best available care for them, close to home. That’s why Asante opened the Spears Cancer Center in 2001.

Over 80% of cancer treatment is outpatient care. If you or a loved one have faced this illness, you know that means many visits to many providers. Today, people with cancer in Josephine County and surrounding communities must travel to no fewer than three locations for their life-saving care. When your most precious resource is time, having to coordinate complicated treatment and travel adds to cancer’s burden. But there is hope.

Asante is planning a major expansion of its Spears Cancer Center, and community support will make it possible. Your help is needed to provide the best possible care, in one place, for local patients.

Patients and families are the “heart” of Asante’s plan for cancer care. And thanks to a special gift from a local physician, the first 100 donors to respond to this letter with a gift of $250 or more will receive a commemorative wooden heart – unique and individually made from burls of redwood trees. Make your gift all at once or over several months.

Your gift will touch countless lives – maybe even the life of someone you love. Every person who makes a gift of any amount will receive a personal invitation to a special briefing with Asante leaders where you’ll learn more about the plan to transform cancer care for our community. Please join us!