Asante Foundation earned two Platinum awards at the 2022 eHealthcare Leadership Awards.

Winners of the 23rd annual eHealthcare Leadership awards were announced on November 9, 2022. The theme for this year’s presentation was Humanity and focused on celebrating the contributions of those in the medical profession to the health and well-being of the communities they serve.

This year’s awards recognized more than 250 organizations including healthcare systems, hospital sites and other related entities. Award levels consisted of Platinum, Gold, Silver and Special Distinctions.

Asante Foundation received two Platinum Awards for the Best Long Video Content and Best Integrated Marketing Campaign categories.

The award for Best Long Video Content was for the “Grateful for Hope” video developed as a stewardship message for donors who helped build the Mary and Dick Heimann Cancer Center, highlighting a real patient story who receives treatment in the new facility.

The second award for Best Integrated Marketing Campaign was for the comprehensive “Building Hope” marketing campaign. Asante Foundation designed this community-wide campaign to raise funds to build the Heimann Cancer Center and expand Helen K. Spears Cancer Center, and communicated the need to consolidate complex cancer services in one location—a key component of the AsanteForward capital campaign. “Building Hope” consisted of several tactics including a :60 broadcast commercial, media relations, print mailings, digital campaigns, social media and more.

These awards exemplify the community’s response to real-life testimonies of the work Asante is doing. Desirae MacGillivray Myers, manager of communications and marketing for Asante Foundation, credits the authenticity of the campaigns to their success.

“These awards are a great testament to our effort to always put patients and our community, first. We really learned that people respond well to real, first-person experiences and testimonies that bring the cause, and need, to life. This stewardship video and the overarching Heimann Cancer Center campaign illustrated that.” 

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