Thank you, to all of you in the community, who helped raise $3 million to date toward the Asante Behavioral Health Unit — a key initiative of the AsanteForward campaign. This milestone is already making an immense impact on the community.

“Each gift, no matter the amount, makes an enormous difference in the lives of our patients, their families, and the community,” said Andrea Reeder, director of development at the Asante Foundation.

In June, the Asante Foundation and local partners gathered to recognize all of the Initiative’s supporters, including the Cow Creek Umpqua Tribe who generously contributed $500,000 for the Behavioral Health Unit.

The fundraising goal for the Behavioral Health Initiative is $5 million. With the help of our community, funding will be used to:
1. Redesign and renovate patient care areas to align with sanctuary principles that promote healing and well-being
2. Train employees in the sanctuary model of trauma-informed care
3. Expand the number of patient-care rooms for people admitted with mental health concerns
4. Train first responders and local law enforcement on how to identify and respond to people struggling with a mental health crisis.

The Asante Foundation extends its deepest gratitude to all who have contributed, we are truly grateful for the incredible generosity of our community.

Interested in getting involved? Learn more about the ways you can support this initiative.